We’ve Bought KidZania Annual Passes and Here’s How We Intend To Milk It!

Written by Parent Bloggers

So finally after a year of waiting, KidZania Singapore now has annual passes for kids! We jumped right into this investment for our one-year of unlimited entries into KidZania Singapore without need of much persuasion on the Mummy’s mind. Because it’s really too good a deal for Mummy to resists, the thought of having less headaches cracking where to go with the kids when they are bored is solved! KidZania Singapore here we come!

Now that we have one year to milk these KidZania annual passes, here is Mummy’s “battle plan” so that we get our money’s worth! For a more neutral comparison on which annual passes is suitable for families, you might want to check out this post comparing which is more worth your money!