{Review + Giveaway} Timmy & Tammy : What is Singapore? by Ruth Wan-Lau

Written by Parent Bloggers
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Timmy & Tammy “What is Singapore?” locally published by Armour Publishing. It is from the Timmy & Tammy series of famously popular levelled readers for preschoolers and up to the age of primary-school going children.

A Level-3 book under the Timmy & Tammy series targeted at increasingly confident readers with simple chapters broken into parts, my opinion is that children between the age of 4-6 would enjoy it most. In this book, we have the little Timmy and his friends from different races wanting to find out “What is Singapore?”. Singapore is a noun, an island, a multi-racial society, a nation, a leader in ASEAN countries, a small but powerful red dot on the map. How do we bring across such a complicated subject to children beyond simple facts?

Timmy & Tammy: What is Singapore? and Timmy and Tammy DISCOVER Series : Lee Kuan Yew is available at major bookstores at $7.90 (before GST) and $8.90 (before GST) respectively. If you prefer the comfort of online shopping, you can order the bundle set via Armour Publishing‘s online shop HERE at $17.98.