My Children’s Favourite Bedtime Stories

Written by Parent Bloggers

Not sure about you, but I’m one of those parents who will buy a book whenever I see one that is interesting or fun for my children to read. And I would tell myself that I’ll spend time every night reading with them before bed. Yes, I did do it as often as I can, but not as much as I’d wanted to. Because our daily bedtime routine is just too random and usually ended up one girl crying for iPad, and the other insisting for both Mum and Dad to tap her to sleep. But this did not stop me from my (sometime) crazy book buying spree. I try to avoid stepping into Times Bookshop or Kinokuniya as much as I can. But whenever I do, I’ll end up bagging at least 3 new books for the girls. It’s time we get a bigger bookshelf to house all our books.

One of my biggest problem I face when buying books for my kids is searching for good ones. If you have totally no clue what title you want to buy before you step into the bookstore, you’ll probably end up giving up searching because it is just no possible to know what a book is about just looking at the slim spine of these children’s book on rows and rows of bookshelves.