7 Tips To Prevent Your Child From Getting Lost

Written by Parent Bloggers

I was lost once as a child. I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was too engrossed with the toys outside a toy store in a shopping mall, that I failed to notice my mom, my aunt and my siblings had gone into the shop right opposite the toy store. When I turned around and thought they were gone. I panicked, walked away aimlessly and started crying. Luckily I ran into an elderly couple and they brought me to the information counter. A public announcement was made and we were reunited. The incident still etched firmly in my memory. My sister remembers being sad thinking she would never see me again.

?In recent months, I’ve noticed a growing number of missing child cases in my home country, Malaysia. It is one of the scariest thing a parent can go through. It gets even worse if it happens at a crowded place because of how difficult is to cover ground; and in the midst of desperation, it is hard to think clearly and take effective action.

Here are 7 things to be included in the missing kids prevention plan…