Human beings are natural sharer. We share the good things, share our lives with family and friends, share what we experienced and almost everything under the sun. 

As parent bloggers, we do even more sharing, just because we want to. But being us is not easy ok, if you think being a blogging mum or dad is simple, the link up in April will shed some light into the lives of 30 families and their passion to blog.​

In the month of April, the Singapore Parent Bloggers are taking turn to share the reality of our life, the hectic work-life-blog balancing act, the snap-as-many-shots of kids moments, and everything you experience as a blogging mum or dad in a week.

Links to these stories will be updated below as they’re being published. So come back daily for more new reads and then you decide whether it’s as simple as you thought.



When people hear that I have 6 kids, they want to know how I manage. I ask them to read my blog because, where do I begin? “You still have time to blog?!” comes the incredulous reply.


Blogging Mum 101: Always try to capture everything (as much as one is capable of) cos you want to ensure you’ve got the best shots and right moments.


You will learn how to multi-task and be innovative when both children want to use the toilet concurrently. You will learn that You Are More Capable Than You Think You Are if you just try.


Weekdays are same same, but different everyday. The same old wake up-go school-go work-home-cook-sleep. But in between, different things happen.


I must admit blogging has changed our family’s lifestyle to a more out-going one ever since I started our travel blog. After all, life is short and I wanted to hold on and remember the happier moments.


I am a mom blogger, not a blogging mom – that is very clear. My role as a mom / home maker / my husband’s wife / myself comes first.


It takes a Mum to understand a Mum. A blogger to understand a blogger. There’s just much coordination and effort behind every post. 


If there is no passion, no one blogger mum/dad will be able to sustain spending gruelling hours of blogging at unearthly time at the expense of sacrificing sleep and energy.


Blogging has become like a hobby for me to just to document and remember some of those precious memories that I’ve created with my loved ones.


Well, I am a mother first before anything else. A full time working mother who happens to like to blog. We want to create as much memories as we can so he is able to refer to this when he is older.


Blogging is a great tool to jot down my experiences as a parent. These experiences would serve as invaluable memories and a guide for our kids once they grow up and become adults.


Boring dad? I think so. But no matter how boring I am, I think I still have some interesting things in life that are worth sharing.


Let’s be frank here: blogger or not, a mum is a mum la. It feels good to know I belong to a certain tribe of mum so I know I am not alone in my joys and struggles…


The days are long, and the years are short. I am a Dad before I am a Daddy blogger.


I try to fit into our schedules interesting events that the kids and/or Husb might like, and then figure out how to stay awake at night while they are asleep to share about our experiences on the blog and/or Instagram.


Many people have the misconception that bloggers are having a good life… It takes a lot of time and effort to write up a post and maintaining the blog.


Right now, I enjoy blogging because I have 3 avid readers who consistently check my website almost every day. They see themselves in every page that I write.


Blogger or not, like the parent bloggers who wrote in the past 1.5 weeks, our blogs are memories of our lives, more so with the kids. It’s better to reminisce on the good moments to make me feel thankful the bad moments aren’t THAT bad.


I personally don’t think the life of a mum blogger is that much different from any other mother. Thankfully for most women of our generation, we have a life besides our kids.


While it does seems like a mish-mash of things, it’s exactly how life is to me right now. Now I juggle between family, work and my passion to blog about things that matters.


I’m a novice blogger so I don’t feel the stress. I blog when time permits and I thank God that my present working arrangement allows me to spend most of my time with the people close to me.

Kai Xin,

I have been very fortunate that maintaining a blog and having a reputation as a ‘mummy blogger’ has allowed me access to experiences that would otherwise not be open to us as a single-income family.


Honestly, I think this post would be more interesting to read about if i were a SAHM. My weekdays are usually quite boring to read about because I am a FTWM.