PNKids Multivitamin Syrup Giveaway

Written by Claudia

{Giveaway} Don’t we all fear our kids getting sick easily when they are in childcare or falling sick at the worst of times, i.e. during the examinations?? Don’t we all have at least one child who is a picky eater and we worry if our child gets enough vitamins?
We have been a long fan of PNKids multivitamins gummies in “boy’ and “girl” packaging and now they have launched a mango flavoured PNKids Multivitamin Syrup which is complete with 21 minerals and vitamins (the most in any other such pdt in the market for kids).
Best of all, I have 3 sets of PNKids Multivitamin Syrup to give away and check out the post on the free photobook that comes with each box!