How To Hire A Domestic Helper Without Spending Thousands On Agency Fees

Written by Parent Bloggers

Living in a foreign country with no immediate family, I must say I rely on my live-in helper A LOT. I knew I needed help with the second child, so she was hired 2 months before Georgia was born. From over 60 candidates, I talked to 40 over the phone, face-to-face interview with 19, reference checked and spoke to 5 previous employers, before I knew in my heart I’ve found the right one.

Sure, it was tedious. But I wanted to meet and talk to the person who would live with us and look after my most precious possession (my kids). I wouldn’t task an agency who hardly knows me to do the job. Besides, I get to save both of us some money too. (An agency also takes a few months salary from the maid as placement fee, which I think is completely unfair to her).

So here is how I went about finding and hiring Amor, my helper. I did everything without having to leave my home, thanks to the internet and efficiency of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM)…