Eye Examination with W EYExperience at W Optics

Written by Parent Bloggers

My pair of eyes is one of those parts which I pay little care and attention to because I have a perfect vision! Until one day when I was driving to work in the morning and my eyes went blurred for that split second and I almost lost sight of what was in front of me! I didn’t dare take the driver’s seat after that day and I was determined to find the root cause of my recent eye issues.

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses and yet I’ve never thought I needed to check on it regularly, just like how I’m still sitting on the fence to schedule for my first ever health checkup! Having a clear vision is a complicated and intricate process and as we get older, the eye will be subject to damages and disease that I wasn’t aware of until I took time to research about it after my visit to W Optics. Being aware of changes in our vision is important and that’s exactly why I’m going to schedule yearly review and checks for my whole family.